To Norah Levine and all the dogs we have loved : you are my great inspiration

Welcome to my site

I am an Award Winning Pet Photographer who likes to take photographs on location

which displays the characters of dogs, the fun they like to have and the wonderful

relationship they have with their Pet Owners.

 I prefer to work outdoors mostly using natural light.

I am based in Paington, in Torbay (also known as the English Riviera) in the county

of Devon in the United Kingdom.

Your dog or pet won't need to pose for a photograph.

My style of photography is a cross between documentary and photo journalism. I believe every photograph should tell a story. I take the type of photographs you would like to remember your pets by when they are no longer there, the type of photographs creating everlasting memories about your pet enjoying life with you and your family.

My photoshoots are about your dog or pet to have fun with you, doing what you like to do. Whether that is running on the beach, chasing a ball, snuggling with you on your couch, frollicking in the waves or rolling around on the grass playing with you or your children.

I believe in giving a very personal touch with my photoshoots as I really care about providing my Pet Parents with amazing photographs and a positive experience for the Pet Parent and the Pet being photographed. To that end I give an obligation free consultation to meet you and your pet personally, to establish your needs, determine the location of the photoshoot and to ensure

I give you a Creative Fee which meets your needs and your budget.

I have some set Creative Fees but every photoshoot is different with different requirements.

Trust me to honour you and your loved ones with my camera

© 2018 Cornelia Frost Photography / Proudly created with    Paignton, Devon, UK

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