Before the Photoshoot ...

The Consultation

I really care about providing my clients with a personal service, amazing photographs

and a positive experience. In order to do that, I need to understand the expecations of

 the Client. Wherever possible I prefer to meet the animal or child I have to

photograph before the photo shoot. It enables me to then make sure we get the

maximum time for taking photographs.

If it is not possible to meet before the photoshoot for whatever reason,

be aware I will need extra time to meet the anminal and or child I have to photograph

and this time will reduce the time to take photographs.

As I prefer to use natural light and photograph mostly outdoors,

it would be vitally important to discuss the location or environment where the

photoshoot is to take place. It saves a lot of time to get all the preparations out of the

way in order to make maximum use of time during the photoshoot with focus on taking

the photographs. Please book a personal (obligation free) consultation with me and I will meet you at your home with your pet(s), children or whomever I have to photograph. 

If for whatever reason (like distance for example) a consultation in person is not possible,

I will do a telephonic consultation with you.

Great care will be taken in taking the best professional

photographs of your pets, whatever their circumstances.

Trust me to honour you and your loved ones with my camera

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