Dogs having fun

I have always enjoyed taking photographs of our numerous dogs which we have owned through the years when they were having fun; playing with the children, playing with each other, playing with their toys, playing with us. And then there are the ABSOLUTE precious ones: the images when they snuggle with their favourite toy, each other, the children or their favourite person. Those are the ones that still pull my heartstrings to this day.

If I have to describe my style of photography it would be the  documentery style combined with photojournalistic with sometimes a bit of abstract thrown in. I do not take studio photographs.

Since we have relocated to Paignton a year ago, I found that I get  immense pleasure in taking photographs of dogs playing on the beach. They display so much of their little characters having fun on the beach.  It is not always easy to take the photographs while they are playing but it is great fun trying to get that "one" photograph that makes it worthwhile. None of the photographs being displayed here on my website have been staged. They are all about the FUN on the beach.


Trust me to honour you and your loved ones with my camera

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