The busy life of a Pet Photographer

WOW! The end of August is in sight. I just can't believe how quickly the time flies by these days.

I have been so busy, I have not managed to get to all the things I have to do ... like updating my website or blogging.

Just discovered this morning that all the changes I have done to my mobile website ages ago has for some or other reason NOT saved! A real pain and I had to spent a few hours fixing that again.

So, you might ask what have I been doing that is so busy? Well, apart from some #photoshoots, #photoediting, #dogshows, #funonthebeach, meeting lovely #dogs and their #PetParents, and all things #photographic and business related, we also had to find a new place to live.

Our landlord had to give us notice which caught us unprepared. Then it was the battle to find a suitable place to live with a dog in tow. Of course there are lots of place for rent on the market, but with a dog suddenly your choice of places reduces drastically. But all things work out well in the end. We found a lovely home to rent in #Goodrington. And what a treat, the #GoodringtonBeach on the North side is open to dogs all year round. Rossi is going to have a ball on that beach. It is his favourite beach to pretend he is a beach babe.

So between taking #photographs, editing photographs, creating #photoalbums and #photogalleries, I have also been packing up our stuff.

Although I am a professional and expert packer and mover by now, I must be honest, it is NOT as enjoyable as taking photographs! Much too boring and tiring than taking photographs.

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