The Photoshoot

The best times of the day to make use of natural light is preferably early in the morning and late afternoon. Here on the coast we have beautiful light in the late afternoon to late evening. We will discuss the types of photographs you would prefer to have and based

on that and my availability we will book a time during our pre-shoot consultation.

Pets need to be washed, brushed, groomed, whatever needs to be done to make sure

they are in prime condition for the photoshoot.

As the Pet Parent, make sure you are dressed in comfortable clothing and depending

on the pet I have to photograph, avoid wearing busy, patterned clothing. Normally

neutral and soft colours would be preferable.

Unless I have to photograph a horse, make sure your pet have not been fed close to

the time to prevent the pet from being too lethargic.

Depending on the location of the photoshoot, ensure you have water and a water

bowl with you for your pet. And then there is the pooh bags needed for dogs.

I will bring everything else we might need which will include suitable and yummy

pet treats. The main objective of our photoshoot will be for the pets and the Pet Parent

to have the maximum amount of fun while I take fabulous photographs.

Trust me to honour you and your loved ones with my camera

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